• Good Nutrition Controls Energy Balance.
  • Good Nutrition Helps Us Look,And Feel Perform Our Best.
  • Good Nutrition Asks People To Care About There Food And Eating.
  • Good Nutrition Focuses On Food Quality.
  • Good Nutrition Helps Eliminate Nutrient Deficiencies.
  • Good Nutrition Helps Control Appetite And Food Intake.
  • Good Nutrition Promotes Regular Exercise.

If food is more complicated than just fuel,then good nutrition is probably more complicated than “following the rules “.

As we know ,food is more than fuel.. but it DOES give us energy.

Without enough energy coming into the body ,we just don’t work right . Our body starts to shut down processes that we don’t absolutely need to survive,such as reproduction,some aspects of metabolism,and brain function.

Too much energy coming into the body also causes problems. We can become resistant to important hormones ( such as insulin or leptin ). Inflammation may increase. Plaques can form on vessels and blood pressure can go up. We risk getting many ( chronic disease) .

Good nutrition helps control energy balance . We don’t eat too much or too little. This means we can stay healthy,fit and strong. We feel good ,and our body shows it.